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Our proprietary overlay welding technologies coupled with VAUTID flux cored wire PROTECT YOUR EQUIPMENT from WEAR AND ABRASION like no other protective surfacing solution in the world.

Industrial equipment replacement and maintenance costs can be a substiantial expense, especially for equipment that endure abrasion and wear on its surfaces, eventually leading to equipment failure. Fortunately, there is a solution available to provide long-lasting protection from this type of damage. This is a solution whereby wear-resistant steel plates are arc-welded to the equipment surface, using a welding overlay process. Our equipment protection solution is known in the welding industry as "hardfacing." The result is that your equipment has protective cladding, and your company is saved from needing to invest a much higher price for equipment replacement.

If heavy equipment protection is crucial for your business, contact us access this proven technology.


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The key to preventing the wear of your equipment is the hardness of your protective materials.
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HP Plate is the best in the market, not only because we have been in business for 30 years, but also because the Chromium Carbide Alloy (Flux Cored Wire) we have been using is from Germany's Vautid GmbH, the inventor and pioneer of wear-resistant technology. And we are the leading manufacturer in the world authorized to implement Vautid.